[news] [ICYMI] Eternal Torment - "Blind to Reality"

[news] [ICYMI] Exarsis - "New War Order”

[news] [ICYMI] Grate - "You Should Be"

[news] High Roller Records - out now

[news] Trigger - new album

[news] CORROSIVE: Watch the lyric video for "Lucifer Gave The Faith"

[news] The Obelisk Premieres New BLACK SPACE RIDERS song "Lovely Lovelie"

[news] High Priests - new album

[news] [B.ABUSE] - new album

[news] Corbian - "Supremacy of Fire"

[news] video premiere: KANTICA "Albatross"

[news] Shades Of Sorrow - Join Sliptrick Records

[news] Deep Dark River - new single

[news] Calgary's DECIMATE METALFEST Announces First Round of Bands

[news] MANZER "Pictavian Invasion in Japan" is out

[news] Violent Opposition - new album

[news] Slomatics and Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - 'TOTEMS' (split)

[news] launch Exclusive Horror Series "Music Hell"

[news] CONVICTION (Temple Of Baal members) release new single

[news] Greber - new album and song premiere