(news] Autokrator - new album & track audio streaming

|news] [ICYMI] Buck Tow Truck - new album

[news] CULTUS PROFANO - new album

[news] MaidaVale will release Madness Is Too Pure on the 23rd of March

[news] THE RAZ Posts New Lyric Video "No One To Blame"

[news] Lamiräl premiered first song "Words I say"

[news] Nate Bohnet - Therapeutic Destruction

[news] Spartan Warrior - new album

[news] Golgothan Remains - new album

[news] Video-premiere: NEW HORIZONS "Born in the Future"

[news] Jumalhämärä - 2 albums released at the same time

[news] [ICYMI] Blaspherion Restus Corpus

[news] VANTABLACK WARSHIP - new video via The Sludgelord

[news] [ICYMI] Eternal Torment - "Blind to Reality"

[news] [ICYMI] Exarsis - "New War Order”

[news] [ICYMI] Grate - "You Should Be"

[news] High Roller Records - out now

[news] Trigger - new album

[news] CORROSIVE: Watch the lyric video for "Lucifer Gave The Faith"

[news] The Obelisk Premieres New BLACK SPACE RIDERS song "Lovely Lovelie"

[news] High Priests - new album

[news] [B.ABUSE] - new album